Join CCMH live conference this June

The Centre for Child Mental Health (CCMH) are hosting a 1-day event presented by world-leading neuroscientists, Dr Martin Teicher and Professor Eamon McCrory.

This conference is a very rare opportunity to hear two world leading neuroscientists whose research over decades, has involved the brain scanning of young people who’ve suffered abuse and/or neglect.

Remarkably, Dr Martin Teicher (Harvard University USA) has researched the impact on the child/young-person’s brain of being shouted at, criticised, bullied, smacked, having suffered physical abuse, sexual abuse, watched domestic violence, parent to sibling violence.

Professor Eamon McCrory’s research includes the brain imagining of young people who’ve experienced maltreatment. He found adverse impact on the brain’s executive functions, reward systems, threat processing and emotional regulation systems. All this leads to fall out in terms of behaviours that challenge, and problems socially and with mental health. When people are ignorant of the needs of these children and young people, all too many suffer the gross social injustice of get permanently excluded.

Both neuroscientists will also address how to interrupt the trajectory from painful life experiences to long-term social, behavioural and mental health problems. We owe it to all children and young people who’ve suffered aversity to be neurochemically and neuroanatomically literate, and this conference will support you in this vital task.

Vital CPD for all mental health child professionals.

Date: Saturday 17th June 2023

(*Lunch included)

Times: 10am – 5pm

Venue: CCMH, London (Map)