Our Mission

Why the IRCT was founded, and what we are here to do

Our mission at the IRCT - to ensure recovery from childhood trauma is available for all children and young people

Our mission is to ensure that recovery from childhood trauma is available for all children, resilience is developed and cycles of abuse and neglect are broken. The IRCT is a professional institute that aims to meets its objectives through:

  •  Campaigning to influence law, policy and practice at a local and national level
  • Disseminating key knowledge to the wider children’s workforce in relation to promoting and facilitating recovery from childhood trauma
  • Developing principles for recovery focussed training for the children’s workforce
  • Establishing a virtual library and knowledge centre for information and research pertaining to the recovery from childhood trauma
  • Promoting a better public understanding of childhood trauma and its consequences to enable and facilitate recovery
  • Commissioning further research into childhood trauma, its consequences, and measures that can be taken to heal and mitigate those consequences
  • Delivering seminars, events, conferences and training to disseminate knowledge and understanding to improve practice and promote recovery

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