Coronavirus: Stay Home! Stay Safe?

These are traumatic times for all of us, adults and children, but for those who have suffered complex trauma historically even more difficult to cope with. With social distancing now essential to stop the spread of the virus we are all suffering the risk of increasing social isolation with less access to support services.

HOME IS NOT ALWAYS A SAFE PLACE Stay Home! Stay Safe! has become a mantra for well-being but it is important to remember that children are particularly vulnerable now that they are forced to stay at home all the time and have no access to friends and safe, supportive adults at school.

Parents worried about protecting their family from a deadly infection are juggling working from home with childcare and foraging for food in supermarkets with bare shelves together with mounting financial uncertainties and job insecurity. Not surprisingly tensions are rising and sadly this increases the risk of domestic violence.

We all need strategies for coping with the increased stresses associated with dealing with the Corona Virus outbreak. When adults are worried it is easy for them to forget that children worry too and need to be reassured and for things to be explained to them. They need to know that their parents are managing things and will be there to keep them safe. To achieve this, parents need advice and support themselves.

Here are some useful links to help you support and advise your clients (click to go to PDF)

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Here are two self-care videos for yourself and those caring for children, made by Stephanie Hunter, Psychological Therapist CAMHS Sunderland IRCT Regional Adviser

SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN IS A JOB FOR THE WHOLE COMMUNITY. If you have any concerns about the safety and well being of any child then call for help from Social Services / Police / NSPCC / Child Line