Every child leaving care matters (ECLCM)

Can it be right for the government to discriminate against arguably the most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in our society living in residential care?

Did you know that Children in Care (CIC) living in residential care rather than foster homes have been discriminated against since the law was changed in April 2014 to give the right for those in foster care to be allowed and supported to remain in their  foster home until the age of 21 instead of having to move on at the age of 18 years whilst those in residential care still face being discharged from care at 18?

Since 2014 a campaign group (ECLCM) has been lobbying government to support all children and young people in care until the age of 21 allowing all of them the opportunity of stability and ongoing support instead of creating a ‘two tier’ system in which children in foster care receive longer aftercare support than those in residential settings.

If you would like to know more or show your support for the campaign by signing the ECLCM petition go to www.eclcm.org