Turning Children’s Lives Around

At our latest Best Practice Forum in June 2018, our keynote speakers Richard Cross (Head of Assessment & Therapy for Five Rivers Child Care) and Alison Hodgetts (a Registered Clinical Psychologist) gave a talk entitled “Turning Children’s Lives Around” – overcoming the impact of childhood adversity through therapeutically focused integrated care.

Regional BPF – Teaching Traumatised Children and Young People

IRCT in partnership with Warwickshire Virtual School and Trinity School held a BPF for VSHs and Schools last Friday. It was an excellent day with three sought after speakers, who gave their precious time to talk about their work. Betsy de Thierry presented a framework for use in schools to identify what support and help … Continue reading Regional BPF – Teaching Traumatised Children and Young People

Another Successful BPF

‘Just Excellent’ ‘So many experts in one room’! We heard from  Mark Kerr:  ‘Care Past, Present and Future; a Critical Appraisal of Outcomes for Looked after Children’ Dr Matt Woolgar: ‘Taking care of the mental health needs of looked after children: Avoiding the one size fits all approach’ Feedback from participants was very positive: ‘Challenging and high quality … Continue reading Another Successful BPF

Best Practice Forum July 8th 2015

Lord Francis Listowel opened the event by welcoming us to the event at the House of Lords.  Dr Sean Cameron spoke on ‘The emotional warmth dimension of childcare; Empowering the carers of children who have been rejected, neglected and abused.’  He started his presentation by quoting Alice Millar, US Psychologist and author; ‘It is possible to love a … Continue reading Best Practice Forum July 8th 2015

Best Practice Forum Oct 17 2014

The Earl of Listowel, IRCT Patron opened the meeting with a warm welcome and reminded us about the importance of reflection and peer discussion. Stephen Bell, Chair of IRCT then explained the vision of the Institute as an organisation committed to focussing on the recovery of the traumatised child. He said that it aims to bring the … Continue reading Best Practice Forum Oct 17 2014