Our Vision

It is the aim of the Institute for Recovery from Childhood Trauma (IRCT) to bring about lasting change and improved outcomes through the Development of the Children’s Workforce. Training in Child Development, Attachment Theory and the Impact of trauma, neglect and abuse on the brain in early childhood should be a prerequisite for all professionals working or coming into contact with children and young people. With this knowledge professionals will be able to respond in different and more appropriate ways to those young people suffering from multiple trauma. Day-to-day interaction with these children has a lasting impact and this is why awareness raising training and skills building are central to effecting lasting change.

Our mission is to ensure that recovery from childhood trauma is available for all children, resilience is developed and cycles of abuse and neglect are broken. The IRCT will achieve this through the establishment of a professional institute that offers:-

  • The gathering at one focal point existing knowledgeabout childhood trauma and the impact on child development and society
  • The generation of new knowledge through research and sharing best practice
  • The transfer of knowledge to all appropriate stakeholders
  • The development of key principles for recovery focussed training for the children’s workforce
  • To work with academic bodies to ensure that research is dessiminated to key professionals working with children
  • To establish a virtual library and knowledge centre for childhood trauma and recovery

And to do that we have the following aims:-

  • To promote public understanding of childhood trauma and its consequences.
  • To provide webinars and seminars for professionals and carers who work with children who have suffered trauma.
  • To promote further research into childhood trauma, its consequences, and measures that can be taken to heal and mitigate those consequences.
  • To influence policy and practice at a national and local level, in relation to helping children who have suffered from trauma.
  • To establish a virtual library and knowledge centre for childhood trauma.

This is how we will work to improve outcomes for children who have experienced trauma and this plan will assist us in establishing the IRCT as an appropriately structured and legally defined charity. It will provide our direction for the next three years and will be the foundation for monitoring and controlling our operations. We will review and revise this plan on a yearly basis to ensure we remain focused on the challenges and opportunities associated with our aspirations, which in the first instance will target children in care.