IRCT History

The Institute of Recovery from Childhood Trauma (IRCT) came into being on September 14th 2012. We believe there is currently no established organisation in the UK that systematically seeks to draw together information about childhood trauma, publicise it and influence practice and policy in this area. It is clear to us that this gap needs to be closed.

The IRCT is a ‘community of practice’ creating a collaborative approach between individuals and organisations, who share a passion, to radically change the lives of children and young people who have suffered developmental trauma.

The Institute is currently supported by volunteer trustees, who are highly regarded professionals in their field of expertise – this is a testament to their commitment, and the vision and need for the Institute’s work. The committee consists of 7 members and is supported by a wider multi-disciplinary network of professionals and a number of universities who are members of the Institute’s Best Practice Forum.